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Rodrigo Leyva



Valey Studio was founded by Rodrigo Leyva, who was raised upon an environment full of digital design and photography. Antonio Leyva, his father, has been a professional photographer for more than 28 years and following a new generation full of new ideas and trends Valey Studio was created with a vision of transforming existing visuals into memorable pieces of art.


​​In Valey Studio we commit to produce high quality images with an innnovative focus, capturing those special and unforgettable moments that happen once in a lifetime.
Rodrigo has had the pleasure of working with some of the top photographers in the world, inspiring a movement that welcomes the new generation of photography.


- 2nd Place Weddings Category 2018 FVPBC Competition and 2018 Collection award.
- Rated Baja California's best Wedding Photographer of the year 2017, backed by FVPBC for his scores during the competitions in 2017.
- 1st and 2nd place June 2015 FVPBC Photography  Competition at Weddings Category.
- 2nd place June 2015 FVPBC Photography  Competition at Ilustration Category.
- 1st Place June 2015 FVPBC Photography Competition at Commercial Category. .
- 1st and 3rd place January 2015 FVPBC Photography  Competition at Wedding Category and "Best picture of the Night" award.
- 2nd place April 2015 FVPBC Photography  Competition at Wedding Category.
- 4th Place Wedding Category 2012 FVPBC Photography Competition.
- 2nd Place Commercial Category March 2013 FVPBC Photography Competition.
-5th Place Portrait Category May 2013 FVPBC Photography Competition
- Mexican Association of Professional Photographers (SMFP) - Active member
- Personal Assistant of CM Leung, one of the best wedding photographers in the World, at 2013 International Photography Convention in Guanajuato, Mexico.
- One on one orientation with Jerry Ghionis, one of the top wedding photographers in the world, at WPPI On the Road 2013 in Los Angeles, CA.
- Intensive workshop with the Australian International Wedding Photographer Ryan Schembri in Los Angeles, CA, 2012.
- Director/producer of Edwin Rivera's music video "Live it Up" in Tokyo, Japan, October 2012.
- He currently is a photography instructor at "Instituto de Fotografía del Noroeste" in Rosarito, Mexico.
- He has attended several International and National Photography Conventions with instructors from all over the world. (Multiple times in las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Monterrey-Mexico, Mazatlán-Mexico, Guanajuato-Mexico, Acapulco-Mexico, Mexicali-Mexico, Tijuana-Mexico and many more workshops).
- He started shooting at the age of 16 and assisting his father at weddings since he was 11, he's currently 27 years-old and well known by the photographers in Tijuana and Mexico.
- Bachelor's Degree in International Business.

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